April 15, 2011

How To Install OS 6 On Your BlackBerry Device

Here is step by step guide to install OS 6 on your BlackBerry device:

> Backup Data
Use Blackberry Desktop Manager to back up your data. Connect your BlackBerry device to your computer using the USB sync cable. If you have a password enabled, enter it. Click Yes when your phone asking if you want to enable mass storage mode.

Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager, enter your password (if you have), wait until the desktop software recoqnizes your devive, and then you can simply access the backup options by clicking the “Back up now” icon. A dialogue box will appear with the Backup type options: Full, Quick, or Custom. Click on Full (all device data and settings). To begin, click on Back up and a progress bar will track the process. 

> Backup Third Party Application
Use Blackberry Desktop Manager to back up your third party application. Click on Device (at the upper left corner), scroll through the drop down menu and click on Switch Devices. When the next dialogue box appears, click on the picture of your device. On the next dialogue box, uncheck Device Data, leaving only Third Party Applications checked. Click Next and Desktop Manager will start reading and saving the information on your device. When it’s finished reading the information on your blackberry, click Cancel. Continue these instructions:

  • Search your computer in hidden and system files / folders for a folder named with your pin (click on Start menu, search and type in %temp% to find your temp folder with the folder named as your pin). Or you can locate the pin folder by following this path: C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Local Settings\Temp.
  • When you find it copy and paste the folder to another location (you can paste it to a backup folder you created specifically for blackberry information). Now you can exit desktop manager. 

> Install OS 6 On Your Computer
Uninstall any old Blackberry OS builds from your computer if you have them (go to Control Panel > Uninstall Programs and select BlackBerry Device Software).
Download and install OS 6 to your computer (double click on the OS .exe file and let Windows install it). After the OS installed, go to:
  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader\ *Then you should find and delete the Vendor.XML file.

> Wipe Device Using BBSAK

When BBSAK has installed on your computer, plug in your device, open the program. It will ask for a password, if you have a password enabled, enter it (otherwise leave it blank) click OK. Click Wipe device, A dialogue box will appear, click yes. Your device will reboot and giving you a 507 error. Don’t be alarmed. You have wiped the device clean and there is no OS on the device at all.

> Installing OS 6 On Your BlackBerry Device
Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader\ double-click the “loader.exe” file.

The App Loader will then start and your device “PIN” should show up in the drop down menu. Click “NEXT” and follow the prompts. The App Loader will go through the process of loading the OS 6.
The phone will then boot for the first time (take up to 8 minutes), wait for the boot completely before disconnecting. Do a battery pull afterwards and letting it reboot (take up to 2 minutes), to double check that there are no problems after the initial boot.

> Re-installing Third Party Application
Plug in your device, load up DM, click on Application > Import files, browse your third party application backup file. Select the option that allows you to choose what items you would like to re-install. Wait about 10-20 minutes for the process to complete and your phone to reboot completely. Continue with the next step.

> Restoring Data
Click on Device > Restore, to which then you will be prompted with an option to choose your backup file. Select the most recent, and then select All device data and settings, click on Restore. Wait for the process to complete and your phone to reboot completely before disconnecting. Do a battery pull. Try to do another battery pull in the next hour as well...just for good measure.

Enjoy the latest OS6 on your BlackBerry !