September 6, 2011

Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9900

Official OS (232.55MB) for your BlackBerry Bold 9900 by SK Telecom (9900jAllLang_PBr7.0.0_rel1672_PL5.0.0.544_A7.0.0.353_SK_Telecom__.exe).

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    BlackBerry App World 3.0 Is Now Available!

    BlackBerry App World updates v3.0.0.73 is now available for download.

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    August 26, 2011

    Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9780, 9700 & Curve 9300

    Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780, 9700 & Curve 9300 by Mobilicity.

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      August 3, 2011

      RIM Introduces New BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

      Press Release

      Largest Global Launch of BlackBerry Smartphones Ever With More Than 225 Partners Around the World

      Waterloo, ON - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today announced plans to launch 5 new BlackBerry® smartphones based on the BlackBerry® 7 Operating System (OS).  RIM, in conjunction with carriers and distribution partners around the world, is rolling out two new BlackBerry® Bold™ models and three new BlackBerry® Torch™ models, all running the powerful new BlackBerry® 7 OS.

      The launch of this family of handsets will be RIM’s largest global launch ever and more than 225 carriers and distribution partners have already commenced or completed over 500 certification programs for these 5 new handsets.
      Featuring RIM’s next generation of hardware and software platforms, these five new BlackBerry 7 based smartphones offer users a variety of designs to choose from and deliver the ultimate in communications, multimedia and productivity.

      Video: BBM 6 - Introducing The New BBM

      BBM6 - Introducing the new BBM, where apps go soocial

      July 29, 2011

      Make & Receive Phone Calls On Your BlackBerry PlayBook Using Comwave ePhone

      Download the 30-Day free trial, select your phone number and enjoy 100 minutes to call next door or around the globe to almost 60 countries.

      If you like ePhone, purchase it for just $20/year, includes:
      - Unlimited Free Incoming calls
      - Your own phone number
      - 250 Free Minutes per month for 12 months to call 57 countries.
      - No monthly fees....Just a one-time annual fee of $20.

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      July 28, 2011

      BlackBerry Messenger Updated To v6.0.0.125

      BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) version is now available in BlackBerry App World.

      July 27, 2011

      July 23, 2011

      BlackBerry OS7 Wallpapers (480x360) For BlackBerry Bold, Tour & Curve

      The official OS7 wallpapers, extract from the BlackBerry Bold 9790 (480x360) for your BlackBerry Bold, Tour or Curve.




      Official OS6.0.0.615 For The BlackBerry Bold 9700

      Official OS All languages for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 (178.26MB) by WIND Mobile.

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        July 12, 2011

        BlackBerry App World Updated To v2.1.4.9

        BlackBerry App World updates v2.1.4.9 is now available for download.

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        July 11, 2011

        Video: BlackBerry OS8 Vision

        Interesting video on how BlackBerry OS8 should look like. A bright new concept for homescreen, media apps, context menu, App user interface design for BlackBerry smartphones!

        July 9, 2011

        Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9800

        Official OS All Languages (191.3MB), Multilanguage (168.1MB), and Asia (160.91MB) for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 by AT&T.

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          July 7, 2011

          T-Mobile Commercial: Angry Birds Live

          T-Mobile Angry Birds Live

          Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9780

          Official OS All languages for your BlackBerry Bold 9780 (197MB) by Vodafone.

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            Twitter For BlackBerry Updated To v2.0.0.16

            Today RIM has released the new version of Twitter. It is now ready for public download in App World.

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            July 5, 2011

            PhotoStudio For BlackBerry v0.9.1.10 Beta

            BerryBlow has just made PhotoStudio, a slick photo editor for BlackBerry smartphones (OS 5 and higher with 480x360 screen dimensions). You can edit photos, add effects, clips, and more...directly from your BlackBerry smartphone.

            PhotoStudio packs a lot of features including:
            • Base photo operations: brightness, contrast, RGB color adjustment, hue, saturation etc.
            • Transform operations: resize, rotate, crop.
            • A set of clips. Apply set of beautiful digital frames to your photos.
            • A bunch of effects. Grayscale, Ocean, Sepia, Mystique, Pink, Disco 80s, Old style, Old newspaper, Rainbow, Office style, Behind the glass and so on…
            • Combine operations: Apply single or multiple effects to one image.
            • Several output formats: Save the result in two formats: you can save a result as screen dimensions photo or you can apply all stored operations to an original photo.

            Download link for PhotoStudio:

              June 30, 2011

              RIM In The Midst Of A Major Transitional Period

              Anonymous letter sent to the RIM senior management seriously evaluate and make major changes. Read the open letter below:

              _  _  _  _  _

              To the RIM Senior Management Team:

              I have lost confidence.

              While I hide it at work, my passion has been sapped. I know I am not alone — the sentiment is widespread and it includes people within your own teams.
              Mike and Jim, please take the time to really absorb and digest the content of this letter because it reflects the feeling across a huge percentage of your employee base. You have many smart employees, many that have great ideas for the future, but unfortunately the culture at RIM does not allow us to speak openly without having to worry about the career-limiting effects.
              Before I get into the meat of the matter, I will say I am not part of a large group of bitter employees wishing to embarrass us. Rather, I believe these points need to be heard and I desperately want RIM to regain its position as a successful industry leader. Our carriers, distributors, alliance partners, enterprise customers, and our loyal end users all want the same thing… for BlackBerry to once again be leading the pack.
              We are in the middle of major “transition” and things have never been more chaotic. Almost every project is falling further and further behind schedule at a time when we absolutely must deliver great, solid products on time. We urge you to make bold decisions about our organisational structure, about our culture and most importantly our products.

              While we anxiously wait to see the details of the streamlining plan, here are some suggestions:

              BlackBerry Desktop Software For Mac OS Updated To v2.1.0.24

              BlackBerry Desktop Software v2.1.0.24 for Mac OS (PlayBook support) now available for download!

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              Opera Mini For BlackBerry Updated To v6.1

              The latest version of Opera Mini for your BlackBerry smartphone, introduced great features that make it a snap to get to the web pages you want. Opera's improved compression technology also help you save money on data charges.

              • One field does it all. You can now type both web addresses and search queries in your browser's address field. Or, if you prefer, you can still use the search field with your favorite search engines.
              • Auto-suggest saves you typing. Suggestions from Google search and your browser history appear as soon as you begin typing. Select what you want, and you're done.
              • Address entry is finished for you. Domains such as .com, .org, or .net are added automatically when typing a URL. Now, they also learn more from the sites you visit—such as .gov, .edu, or that of your country.
              • Easy and powerful text selection. When you want to select text, hold your finger on what you want. Handles appear around a word that allow you to select precisely. You can then copy the text or search with it.
              • Complex pages made simple. An option to have webpages laid out in a single-column view makes it easy to read large webpages with many parts on a small screen, without needing to scroll back and forth.

              June 26, 2011

              Twitter v2.0.0.15 For BlackBerry Smartphones (OS6) Desktop Download

              Here the latest  version of Twitter...v2.0.0.15 for your BlackBerry Smartphone (OS6).

              June 23, 2011

              The Latest BlackBerry Bold 9900 Demonstration Video

              Check out the latest BlackBerry Bold 9900 demonstration video, highlights feature and shows responsiveness of BlackBerry OS7! 

              Leaked Email Setup App v7.11.0614.1454 For OS6+

              Leaked Email Setup App v7.11.0614.1454 (found in OS7 leak) for OS6+

              Click here to download:

              Source: BBH-PLUS

              June 22, 2011

              Google Mobile App Updated To v3.9.8

              Google Mobile App for BlackBerry updated to v3.9.8 - no changelog

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              Leaked BlackBerry IM Apps v2.5.85

              Here leaked version (found in OS7 leak) of BlackBerry Instant Messaging Apps: Windows Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and Google Talk v2.5.85 (tested with OS6+). 

              UberSocial For BlackBerry Updated To v1.20

              UberSocial for BlackBerry updated to version 1.20 includes the following changes:
              • The Inner Circle allows you to elevate the most important users you follow to an exclusive timeline. You can set separate notifications on tweets/replies/DMs from anyone in the Inner Circle as well as separate icon notifications.
              • DealBox will allow you to get offers on the best deals near you and customized for you. A small, passive notification will appear in the top right of the title bar to let you know if there are any new deals available.