June 22, 2011

UberSocial For BlackBerry Updated To v1.20

UberSocial for BlackBerry updated to version 1.20 includes the following changes:
  • The Inner Circle allows you to elevate the most important users you follow to an exclusive timeline. You can set separate notifications on tweets/replies/DMs from anyone in the Inner Circle as well as separate icon notifications.
  • DealBox will allow you to get offers on the best deals near you and customized for you. A small, passive notification will appear in the top right of the title bar to let you know if there are any new deals available.

  • Support for Twitter's new authentication mechanism for third-party clients.
  • Support for photos sent with Twitter's new photo service
  • Enhanced image viewing - For users on BlackBerry OS 5 and 6 you will now use the built-in image viewer to zoom and pan avatars and images. You can also now email these images from both places.
  • Unfollowing UberSocial from within the UberSocial application will now turn off auto-following of UberSocial if it was still on
  • A long click on a tweet on BlackBerry OS 6 devices will now bring up the menu
  • High quality photographs - You can now send original and higher quality images when sending a picture to Lockerz - you have the choice of small, medium and original, note that medium and original sizes will take longer to upload, but will be of higher/highest quality.
  • Fixed a bug with older BlackBerry OS 4.7 devices that had trouble loading UberSocial
  • Changed the name of the client attribution to 'UberSocial for BlackBerry'
  • Removed all umlauts over the U's in UberSocial
  • Reverse geo-location will now use BlackBerry's service and if that isn't available Twitter's reverse geo service
  • Fixed bug where users avatars which had transparency would not be maintained when added to the UberBar
  • Fixed bug where you sometimes could not select a location for trending topics
  • Fixed bug where a users avatar which is in the Uber Bar would not be loaded
  • Fixed the Facebook login bug - note that if you have set your facebook device to require the naming of each device that logs in, this is still an issue.

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