March 10, 2011

2011 BlackBerry GSM Roadmap

The roadmap above shows the PlayBook at coming in around April, which makes the April 10th rumor look a little more true. Then the BlackBerry Dakota (Internally R005, nicknamed ‘Bold Touch’, sister device to the Montana) to be  releasing around end of May, beginning of June.

Next the BlackBerry Apollo  (Internally R006, nicknamed ‘Next-gen Curve’, sister to the Sedona) should release by July. Lastly, the Torch 2 (Internally R040) seems to be ‘under consideration’, but if accepted we could see it as early as end of May, or early June release. Otherwise, it appears as though it could be pushed back.

2011 looks like it will be a great year for RIM. New devices packed with higher specs, new OS (6.1), and some new features like NFC and mobile hotspot will be a good filler until we see RIM’s ‘super phones’ debut with QNX in (possibly) 2012.

 Source: N4BB