February 26, 2011

How To Use BBSAK

BBSAK was built as a JL Cmdr (Java Loader Commander) replacement tool with a more friendly GUI.

BBSAK Features:
  • Backup & Restore Tab
  • 3rd Party App Backup
  • Wipe Device
  • Load OS
  • Restore 3rd Party Apps
  • Modify CODs Tab
  • Read System
  • Install, Save and Remove COD(s)
  • Install and Make JAD
  • Screenshot
  • Dump Phone
  • Read/Clear Event Log
  • Factory Reset

Watch the video tutorials from BBSAK:

BBSAK Tutorial Backup and Restore
[Vuclip video link for mobile viewing]

BBSAK Tutorial Modify CODs

Click here to download: the latest version of BBSAK