February 1, 2011

How To Fix A Nuked BlackBerry

A Blackberry device is defined as a nuked device, when it is stuck in a permanent reboot cyle (The device turns on, the white screen with the hourglass appears and then the display shuts off, the device shuts off, after a few seconds it starts up and repeats this pattern over and over again). Even when you plug it into your computer, it just won’t recognize the device.

Don’t worry, you can fix it! What you have to do is reloading the operating system on your BlackBerry. Here is step by step guide:

Reloading the operating system
  • Make sure that you have a BlackBerry Desktop Manager (Click here to download the latest version) and the BlackBerry OS (you want to install/reload onto your nuked device), installed on your windows computer.
  • Plug the USB cable into your device (but do not connect it to your computer).
  • Pull your battery from your device.
  • On your computer, go to: Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader (delete the vendor.xml file before continuing).
  • Double click on the Loader.exe file, then click Next (You should now have a screen that looks like this).
  • Now plug the device into your computer using the USB cable that is already attached to your device.
  • When the connection box displays USB-PIN: UNKNOWN, immediately click Next to knock it out of the reboot cycle that it’s in. It may take you a few tries because you have to time it properly (you are in control of the timing).
  • Put the battery back in when the wizard starts installing the OS (before the device reboots to re-initialize). Otherwise, you will lose the install you just performed and have to do it all over again!
  • Done! you will now be able to connect to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to re-install third party application and restore your device data from your backup file.

Re-installing third party application
Plug in your device, load up BlackBerry Desktop Manager, wait until the desktop software recoqnizes your devive. click on Application > Import files, browse your third party application backup file. Select the option that allows you to choose what items you would like to re-install. Click on Apply, wait about 10-20 minutes for the process to complete and your phone to reboot completely.

Restoring device data
Click on Device in the upper left hand corner and scroll through the drop down menu to Restore. You will be asked to choose your backup file and the data to restore. Select the most recent. And then select All device data and settings, click on Restore. Wait for the process to complete and your phone to reboot completely before disconnecting. Do a battery pull.

Done...! Enjoy your BlackBerry!!