December 28, 2010

Backup Third Party Application Using BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6

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It is important to backup your 3rd party application before upgrade/downgrade the device OS, switch to a new device, or just in case a nuked BlackBerry requiring you to wipe the device.

Since the Backup tool in Blackberry Desktop Manager will not backup your 3rd party application , Here is a way to do it (this is a sneaky way of backing up the 3rd party applications):
  • Connect your BlackBerry to your computer using the USB sync cable. If you have a password enabled, enter it so your device will connect to the desktop.
  • Click Yes when your phone asking if you want to enable mass storage mode.

  • Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager, enter your password (if you have), wait until the desktop software recognizes your device.
    • Click on Device (at the upper left corner).
    • Scroll through the drop down menu and click on Switch Devices.
    • When the next dialogue box appears, click on the picture of your device.
    • On the next dialogue box, uncheck Device Data, leaving only Third Party Applications checked.
    • Click Next and Desktop Manager will start reading and saving the information on your device.

    When it’s finished reading the information on your blackberry, click Cancel. But Do not exit / close the Desktop Manager. The backup files are in a temp folder that will be erased if the program is closed. Continue these instructions:
    • Search your computer in hidden and system files/folders for a folder named with your pin (click on Start menu, search and type in %temp% to find your temp folder with the folder named as your pin). Or you can locate the pin folder by following this path: C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Local\Temp.
    • When you find it copy and paste the folder to another location (you can paste it to a backup folder you created specifically for blackberry information).
    • Now you can exit desktop manager.

    Your backup is complete!!