December 21, 2010

Backup & Restore Data Using BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6

The Backup and Restore tool in Desktop Manager allows you to make full backups or selective backups, from your BlackBerry device to your computer (in which you select which databases on your device to back up), or to restore saved files to your device. Similarly you can choose to restore a backup completely or selectively restore only some databases (address book, messages, calendar, browser bookmarks, theme settings, personal settings, etc).

It is important to backup your personal data before upgrade/downgrade the device operating system, switch to a new device, or need to restore a nuked BlackBerry.

Back Up Device Data

Connect your BlackBerry to your computer using the USB sync cable. If you have a password enabled, enter it so your device will connect to the desktop. Click Yes when your phone asking if you want to enable mass storage mode.

Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager, enter your password (if you have), wait until the desktop software recoqnizes your devive, and then you can simply access the backup options by clicking the “Back up now” icon.

A dialogue box will appear with the Backup type options: Full, Quick, or Custom (as seen below). Click one of the three options.

Under File Options, you can change the backup file name, choose the destination folder, or encrypt the backup file. To begin, click on Back up and a progress bar will track the process. When the backup complete, you can disconnect your device.

Restore Device Data

Connect your BlackBerry to your computer, click on Device in the upper left hand corner and scroll through the drop down menu to Restore. You will be asked to choose your backup file and the data to restore. If want to do a full restore select “All device data and settings” or if you prefer a custom restore choose “Select device data and settings”. If you select custom, place a checkmark next to each data type you wish to restore (i.e. Address Book, Personal Setting). To proceed, click on Restore.

Do not disconnect your device until the restore process complete.